30 Days to Launch

Thirty. Days. 

 until the launch to the gorgeous city of Madrid, Spain.


What this really means is....

There's a FIRST for everything!

Tuesday happened to be one of the rare sunny days we get in Vancouver, so needless to say it was spent outdoors CLIMBING.

The absolute basics

Driving to Squamish was breathtaking as usual. The Sea-to-Sky highway is my favourite highway because it's just so scenic! The water, the trees, the mountains, the skies....it's like a feast for your eyes! Okay maybe I'm being a little dramatic....but it definitely makes for a great drive, and an even better road trip for all you weekend warriors!

Tripception // Brussels, Belgium

What is Tripception?

Well...according to no source whatsoever, Tripception is a trip within a trip...(and no, I'm not talking about drugs.)

My oh-so-crucial pre-flight-booking cup'a chai latte

I suspect I'm starting to go a little trigger happy with this whole "trip purchasing" thing because this morning, I bought a plane ticket from Madrid to Brussels....although in my defense, the ticket was only 55€ (roughly $84 CAD.) S-CORE.


Once in a while, I get to do a fun photoshoot with a great team!!

Photographer: Raymond Chou
Makeup Artist: Pauline King
Model: Justina F.

Neat and Cool // Climbing Trip

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Squamish, BC for some good ol' climbing. It's been a long time since I've climbed outdoors and it felt amazing! 

Teaching English Abroad?...nifty.


So this is what I signed up for. TESOL.
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Mmm...sounds nifty.

I've always wanted to teach English in a foreign country, (specifically India,) so getting TESOL certified was the natural progression of things.Thankfully, I'm not a complete freshie. I mean, my previous experience teaching English in China proooobably wont save my butt in Spain, but I'm hoping that some skills will carry over.

It was the summer of 2012 when I taught English to the employees of a 5-star hotel in China. The woman who normally taught English had the perfect fool-proof plan to get them to learn...she told me to pretend that I didn't know Chinese, and to just keep speaking English to the staff as if it's the only thing I spoke. If you've ever had people talk about you and assume you don't understand what they're saying, then you know how funny it can be. And it was working! I managed to look as clueless as possible when they would speak Chinese (stifling my chuckles whenever I had the chance.) And all was going according to plan, until....something happened.